May 31, 2012

20/21 bracelets

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I wanted to have a narrative for this project and delve into my mother’s heritage, but I wasn’t quite ready to do so just yet; perhaps i will be able to do this in the 3rd year. 

So this project became more about my interests in movement and sculptural objects, and the movement of metal itself, rather than the connection to my mother’s life and the twists and turns it took over the decades. I ,therefore, moved the metal in different ways to make different shapes by bending and twisting brass rod.  Not an easy task, but i learned a lot.  I also tried different textures and finishes on the bracelets. Some I likes more than others.  Actually, when photographed, you see them differently so i am not sure which I liked best.


May 7, 2012


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Inspiration can be drawn from many things. I am intrigued by ancient civilizations–their history, symbols to name a few.Image


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I get inspired when I see modern dance. I love movement and the beautiful shapes that are formed, not to mention set design, costumes and the music. it is just magical!Image

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